Pies i kot (Cat and Dog) : a documentary about Paweł and Kuba

Pies i Kot, Lars Ole Kristiansen and Anna Ulrikke Andersen (2010)SD, 27:00. Featuring Kuba Adamski and Paweł Brożyński. Language: English.

I met Pawel and Kuba in Vienna, where the three of us studied Art History. Being away from home, they soon became my best friends, family and teachers, and I was introduced to a new world through their different interests. Kuba knew already as a nine year old that he wanted to become an art historian, spending his high school years building models of the churches he liked the best. Today, he is a traditional and renowned scholar of Gothic Architecture, with a particular interest in Classical Vocal Music. Pawel is the complete opposite. His interests ranges from art to literature, cinema, music and philosophy. He embraces everything that is new and exiting, filling his book shelf with a wide range of books and artefacts, including art works from contemporary artist (as a red plastic rabbit). As Art Historians, Pawel and Kuba operates under the same roof. However, one can not overlook their differences, which makes them as cat and dog.

Pies i kot (cat and dog), by Anna Ulrikke Andersen and Lars Ole Kristiansen, was filmed in Krakow, Poland, September 2009 and premiered at the Bom Kræsj Bang festival (Halden, Norway) the following April. The documentary follows the two friends and art historians, investigating their almost unlikely friendship, resulting in a warm and honest film about relationships of all sorts. Beyond this human aspect, Pawel and Kuba, as cat and dog, functions as personifications of the major abyss in Art History, between the traditional connoisseur and the more interdisciplinary approach. Through interviewing her two friends and ‘teachers’, the young, questioning student, Andersen, questions this relationship almost unintentionally, while Kristiansen aims the camera lens at unexpected and humorous aspects of this conflict.

A special thanks to Kuba Adamski and Paweł Brożyński. The project received financial support from Trafo.no and Halden Kommune.

A password to watch the film is available upon request.

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