Journey to Italy (2016)

Journey to Italy, Anna Ulrikke Andersen (2016) HDV, 14:00

The film Journey to Italy (2016) springs from a five day train-journey taken between Norway and Italy in February 2016, following in the footsteps of the Norwegian architectural theorist Christian Norberg-Schulz (1926 – 2000). The film takes as a starting point his appearance in the film Livet finner sted (Life Takes Place, Helgesen, 1992, TV, NRK, 41:00); its opening scene depicting the aging theorist looking out the window of a train, recalling when he many years prior developed his theory of genius loci. The project considers the window of a train as a quite specific, and highly mobile, site where both thinking and life can take place. The lens constantly aimed towards west reinforces the theorist’s western focus, where use of MRI footage of the foot, uses alternative imaging technologies for alternative, even conflicting views of mobility and spatial orientation.

Journey to Italy 6Journey to Italy 7Journey to Italy 8Journey to Italy 3

The Bartlett PhD Projects Exhibition 2017
The Bartlett PhD Projects Exhibition 2017

Journey to Italy (2016) was exhibited as part of Film | Making | Space at the Royal Academy of Arts Architecture, The Royal Society of Geography, 13. February 2017, and the PhD Projects at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL 21. February  – 7. March 2017. The film will also be screened at Harstad Kino, at the Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival, Harstad, Norway, 19 – 22 October 2017.

The project was realised with the kind support of:
Stenseth Grimsrud Arkitekter AS
The Bartlett Doctoral Research Projects Fund
The Norwegian Institute in Rome

Thanks to:
Jane Rendell, Claire Thomson, Mikkel Due.

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