X for Methotrexate

X for Methotrexate, Anna Ulrikke Andersen, (2019), 16mm, 08:00.
With Michael E. Weinblatt, M.D. Produced at the Harvard Film Study Center. 

Funded by Viken Filmsenter Fordypningsstipend. 

This film explores the various sites involved in the research, development, production and use of the medication Methotrexate, commonly prescribed to treat rheumatic illness. Based on an interview with Michael E. Weinblatt M.D., whose research was instrumental in making the drug available for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the film focuses on patients’ perspectives of being in treatment. By straddling facts and fiction, the film addresses the gap that exists between the language used by healthcare professionals and the bodily experience of the patient living with chronic illness, and ventures on a journey through the different sites and sets of knowledge available to the two. 

This film was screened at the Harvard Film Archive, CCVA, 2 May 2019, and 8 May 2019.

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