Capturing Windows on Film

Workshop at the University of San Juan, Puerto Rico, School of Architecture. Organised by Informa 2019 Event Series. 30-31 March 2019. 

The objectives of the 2-day workshop were to allow participants to explore and learn specific techniques of filmmaking to investigate architecture. Aimed at altering the way the participants might think about the literal and figurative window in film and architecture, the workshop was aimed at students of architecture, arts, humanities or creative media, or professionals in architecture or film who were interested in exploring the way their practice could take a more theoretical approach. Following a lecture on windows in film, architecture and literature, the participants were given a set of exercises to experiment with the separation and sound and image, before engaging with existing work – films and texts – using these filmmaking techniques. The exercises were be followed by discussion and feedback. 

Student feedback: 

“I feel, the workshop provided me with the necessary basics and techniques to start my own filming and editing process. In my opinion, it was remarkably delivered. Clear. Simple. Neat. Smart. Extremely motivating.” 

“I have learned to appreciate more the small details of the architecture, not only the windows by also the different ornaments that they may have, and also the artistic and linguistic part of the window.” 

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