From Above

Curated by Anna Ulrikke Andersen at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London for the Architecture Film Festival London.

A curated selection of seven short films from the Architecture Film Festival London 2017 Competition, asking how films about our built environment could open up a discussion of what it means to see, or be seen from, above. The selected films all addresses the theme in different ways, using different techniques, bringing up questions of hierarchical structures, control, history, materiality, freedom, flexibility and technology. The screening will run for 72 minutes.

  • Scriptych (Ollie Palmer, 2016, France, 9 mins) 
  • Building no.13 (Amir Gholami, 2016, Iran, 10 mins)
  • Five Lives of the Bradbury Building (Jasper Stevens, 2016, UK, 3 mins)
  • White Mountain (Emma Charles, 2016, UK, 20 mins)
  • 24h Dahlem (Clara Jo, 2016, Germany, 17 mins)
  • Construction Lines (Max Colson, 2017, UK, 8 mins)
  • Waves,,,Unmastered (Fritz Laszlo Weber, 2016, Greece/Germany, 7 mins)

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