The Norwegian Institute in Rome (2016)

The Norwegian Institute in Rome, Anna Urikke Andersen (2016), HDV, 19:00. Featuring Else L’Orange. Language: Norwegian. Subtitles: English. 

The extension and renovations of the Norwegian Institute in Rome (1962) stands as Christian Norberg-Schulz’s final and southern-most architectural design project. This film unravels the history of the building springing from a visit to the Norwegian Institute in Rome with Else L’Orange, whose father co-founded the institute. A long shot of the roof terrace of the Insitute is shot with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, edited next to archival material of plans of the building. The sound is recorded with two Philips Radio-Microphones, capturing the conversation between L’Orange and myself. Sound and image are separated, until we move into the frame of the roof-terrace and sound and image are united.

This project was realised with the kind support from
Stenseth Grimsrud Arkitekter AS
The Norwegian Institute in Rome
The Bartlett Doctoral Research Projects Fund

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