The Window and I (2015)

The Window and I, Anna Ulrikke Andersen (2015), HDV, 03:00.

The Window and I (2015) is a self-portrait investigating how the sets of windows filter air, light and view, and affect the body. Filmed in London, UK, Alfaz Dei Pi, Spain and Budor, Norway, the work is a commentary and critique of Christian Norberg-Schulz’s tendency to generalise experience, replacing his use of WE with the I. Alternative views and frames are created with digital film,  X-ray, moving from exterior through interior and eventually into the body.

The Window and I by Anna Ulrikke Andersen.

The Window and I by Anna Ulrikke Andersen The window and I by Anna Ulrikke Andersen


The Window and II by Anna Ulrikke Andersen

The film was screened at the Materialist Ecological Architecture seminar at The Bartlett School of Arcitecture, UCL 11.03.2015; at the Nordic Geographers Meeting 2015 Conference at the University of Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia, 16.06.2015; and at Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Bogota 31.08.2018.  It was exhibited as part of of the exhibition “Film as Resonance” with the Bartlett Film+Place+Architecture Doctoral Network at Architecture Film Festival London 2017.

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